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Sun, 19 Aug 2007 7:03 pm

Hello John,
I got the call on Thursday and it is absolutely Great!!! We had a big soccer tournament this past Thur-Sat...and just now getting a chance to write to Thank You!! I played the call for just a few minutes Thursday and once or twice another day...but today I ran it for a good while. That is an awesome call! You can feel the emotion in the call...very nice emotion in the yelp! I don't know how to explain it, but it seems like "it just comes easy" with that call...very woodsy...The clucks sound like a real turkey and you don't have to try hard to make a good cluck....which also equates to awesome cuts. Seems like with alot of my calls I try to cluck and it's like striking a wet match...sometime you get fire and some times you don't...this call will "light a fire"...ha!! I know this call will kill birds...no doubt about it. I sincerely appreciate you hand-picking this call for me!! I promise to be "the best advertiser" that you have! I hope to send you a pick with the call laying on the back of a nice bird this spring...along with a good story...I very much enjoy telling/writing stories. Again....thanks a million...that was super nice of you to do and I will never forget it.
Your Turkey Friend In High Point NC,
Jay Watts
Oh yea...I almost forgot...thanks for the added artwork touches...and signing it!!!...very Nice!! Thanks!!


John, I just wanted to drop you a note, and share a little good news. I went on my second turkey hunt of my life Saturday morning, and with the aid of the great calls I got from you, I bagged the first turkey of my life.

I used the cedar box call you made to locate the birds, and once I got set up, I switched to the persimmon slate call, to softly seduce him into range. One load of #5 Heavi Shot at 30 yards, and he was mine. He couldn't resist the soft, seductive purrs from that beautiful slate call.

Thanks again, for the super calls. My hunting buddy has been very impressed with the realism of my calling with them. They really talk turkey. Even with my novice skills. One thing's for sure. I am hooked for life. Keep up the good work. You are making super calls. 

Steve Whitt

 Strawberry Plains, Tennessee   4-17-06



I got the call today, and I got the hang of it perty fast, I like the papers u sent with it. The call looks great, and I can actually sound perty good on it (first time even playing with a friction turkey call)
im VERY happy 
Adam Milang




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