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Haley Laney

This is her first buck, a nice Union Co 9 point, taken on opening day of riffle season. The boy with her is her son Weston Laney. She has been patient for two seasons now waiting on a good one. She has more patients than most men hunters I know, she has passed on 75 to 100 deer over the past two years

Here is a bird we called in. The call of choicewas the Yellow Ultra Hen Diaphragm. 3 year old bird with a 10 1/2" beard, 1 " spurs, 22 lbs . He and a Jake came in after a few series of calls. The shot was about 25 yards. The hunter is 'coon ass' Toby Frierson from Baton Rouge, La. He was hunting in the Scooba Ms area with me.


Chad Tomlin

John just wanted to let you knowI scored again today using your call.Turkeys around here can't resist it.I've been talking your calls up to all my friends in hopes of drumming you up some business down here.

Turkey 20 lbs. - 9 inch beard - 1 1/4 spurs

Steve Govert

I used the Slate I purchased from youthis week for the Wisconsin Turkey season # 1. My best freind, Jeff, and I took a very nice 25lb Tom( my bird)Friday morning at 6:30, and then around 3;30 he shot a 22 lb'r.

My bird had 1.5 " spurs and a 9.5" beard.

Thanks so much for such a high quality made call !!

Tori Byerley

Tori killed her first 12-21-07. Her shot was perfect, right in the ol' boiler room. Small doe, but it is a good start!

Anthony Taberna

We went hunting this morning I think I have a few more guys liking your calls. We got 4 limits 28 ducks, Mallards, Sprig(pintail), green wing teal, and a wood duck. The call is doing great. The weather was sunny light breeze, 40-50 degrees, we were hunting over corn in pit blinds. The people in the pictures are from left to right Tony Taberna, Matt cultrera, Steve Brocchini, and Randy Grimm. Finally we got some big birds in.

Anthony Taberna

Hey there John we had a good day of hunting I also got a banded drake mallard. We were hunting a floating blind we actually pull the boat inside of the blind kinda like the "Bat Cave".

Anthony Taberna

We were hunting the Delta near Stockton Ca we ended up with a mix of ducks mallards, wigeon, and ring necks. The weather was light rain and wind 5-10 mph. Hope you like the picks the call is working great.

Robert Kirk

Robert is from Tampa, Fl and killed this nice 4 pt in Union County hunting with the Wood Butcher.

John Frame

The Woodbutcher himself, with a 160 lb 7 pointer. This was the first time this deer was seen on his Anson County property, but was missed by 3 other hunters while he was chasing does. John took the last a final shot at 08:50 am.

John Frame

Seven point on camera. Say Cheese!!!

Tony Taberna

Morning there Mr. Frame. I got a few more pics. We are still waiting for the mallards here. I have been shooting a lot of hens and smaller ducks. These birds were shot 10-27-07 on am AM shoot we were hunting over a flooded rice field, temp mid 70's, light wind, and we were in pit blinds.

John Frame

The Wood Butcher draws first blood in '07 with a bow. This 6 point was taken in Union County on 9-20-07. This deer was feeding with 7 others at 30 yards.

Steve Kirk

Coyote taken on 9-22-07 from Union County. Steve also took a shot at a nice 8 pt, but missed. He too will soon make the trophy page.

Ryan Hartsell

This is the # 1 turkey for N.C., 2007, # 5 all time for N.C. Ryan, of Locust, NC, shot this trophy, 5 beards, longest 11", with 1 3/4" spurs, in Stanly county with a Persimmon slate call; a Carolina Killer from the Wood Butcher shop .

Ryan Hartsell

5 beards

Gerald Patch

Friend of Wood Butcher Calls with a huge speckled trout.

Jay Leonard

Grady Thigpen

Picayune, Mississippi friend of Wood Butcher Calls with a great red fish.

Josh Kelley

10 inch 1and 1/8 spurs, 20 pounds


First Turkey

Andrews Brothers

Mark Andrews, Bruce Andrews, Ken Andrews, Sat. March, 31st 2007. First "hat trick" in 15 years of hunting!

Mike Carter

First Turkey, taken with a Woodbutcher Turkey Call.

Phillip Cherney

First Anson County Monster. This turkey was called in using Woodbutcher calls, by the Woodbutcher himself.

Jay Leonard

A nice Florida buck with a Wood Butcher Grunt Call.

Don Ward

Webmaster @ Wood Butcher Calls, with trophy #2 from '05.

Phillip Cherney

An opening day Anson County 4pt called in with a Wood Butcher Grunt Call.

John Frame

Even the Woodbutcher can call one in using his calls, so what if it is a doe.

Jay Leonard

Jay is pictured with Jackie Bushman and the buck he shot in Alabama, Jan 2007. The hunt was filmed by Buckmasters and the deer was called in using a Wood Butcher Calls grunt call.

Jay Leonard

Jay with another nice Florida buck.

Josh Kelly

Josh is pictured with his first turkey ever. He also got one more in 2006, both called in using a Carolina Killer.

3 Thumbs Larry

Is that a flounder, or a Doormat?


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